December 19, 2014 IFA Paris Fashion Designers Institute annual Christmas rave party held in Shanghai Concert Hall Luce, Shanghai campus for all students and teachers to meet a French, to meet the upcoming Western traditional festival.


Evening party climax, as the annual Academy repertoire, "Saint Catherine Hat Day" for the first time will be voted on during the Christmas party in the link shows, IFA college freshmen design and production of 158 hats and participated in the selection of race Finally, selected 20 students with a hat onto the T station to show their work, the teacher was carrying glow sticks for the most creative minds of the hat to vote. Ultimately, the first-year students welcomed Chen Huanyu, won first prize in this year's St. Catherine's hat section, and thus got a signature speech by the school teacher who die from this collection wish her full blessing of the teachers who die of view, open some of their own brilliant career in fashion design.


This year, a time when France established diplomatic relations 50 years, the College to take activities and cultural exchange between China and France fashion tribute gift. On behalf of the College, to you my most cordial greetings and sincere wishes: I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!