On Wednesday ( 11 May 5 ), the 2014 Scandinavian design and creative week in Shanghai CHIC K11 art gallery opening, activities for a period of 12 days, jointly organized by the Nordic countries consulates. Scandinavian design and creativity to the design of the sustainability week for the topic of this year, will be held in a variety of exhibitions, seminars and open to the public during the event.


As the 2014 one week Scandinavian design and creative partner, IFA Paris teachers and alumni were invited to attend and participate in the first day of the opening ceremony, the Finnish fashion day the next day, and after the symposium. IVANA HELSINKI , Su Ran, LUMI , Golla and other famous brands designer visit the site and share their design brand design philosophy and sustainable ideas.


"In China, a growing number of Scandinavian fashion brands because of their widely recognized concept of sustainability, combined with a minimalist aesthetic design and functional quality of life through continuous improvement in environmental awareness, Chinese fashion brands Joining the ranks among the green. "organizers said.


In addition, the Nordic Council of Fashion Designers also provided from 14 different brands of 16 pieces of new Nordic fashion works for guests to visit.